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Casino game playing is an interesting entertaining game. While it is gambling if you like to say, again all at the same time it is fun playing it. It is a double edge because it is both gambling and entertainment. There are diverse types of casino games that you make a choice from,

however, this article is centering on Video Poker.Video Poker game is considered as one of the best casino games options you can choose when you are about placing a bet. The reason why it is considered so is the fact, that large proportion of the Video Poker Machines retains

only a small fraction of the money wagered. The implication of this is that the player is afforded an opportunity to beat the machine if only he has the technique of understanding the game and therefore to earn a winning is easy.It runs on the principle of the Five-Card draw when playing the

which is base on dealing with 5 cards at random. You are permitted to hold between all of the 5 cards and none of them. Again you are given an opportunity; if you so desire to choose, replace any of the cards you had previously discarded with new randomly selected cards.

what you need to know about poker video

Below enumerated are the universal values of Poker hands that are available to a player of this interesting game.

ROYAL FLUSHThis consist of 5 cards of the same suit in sequential order which is from ace to 10 example, (A K Q J 10).STRAIGHT FLUSH This hands consist of 5 cards of the same in consecutive order, example (8,7,6,5,4).FLUSH This is of 5 cards of the same suitSTRAIGHT: The hand is consisted of 5 cards of different suits but yet in consecutive order (Q, J, 10, 9, 8).FOUR OF A KIND Just as the name implies, these are four cards that have the same value, example (J,J,J,J,5).THREE OF A KINDSharing the same description almost as above, these are three cards that have the same value (A,A,A 7,4).FULL HOUSE This consists of three of kind and a pair. (K K K 8 8)TWO PAIR The hand consists of two pairs.PAIR: This includes one pair only (8 8 6 5 4)

the machine itself

If your choice is to play Poker Video, then you are required to be looking at the screen of the machine itself. The reason for you gazing at the screen of the machine is that it must show the payout schedule, your credits that are available as you are playing, the cards that you have dealt and the winning that has been paid, should there be any at all. The arrangement of the machine is done in such a manner that they placed in groups, or banks, or carousels. You must not forget that they are arrangement together in the same denomination of stake and in a group of similar variations.A contemporary Poker Video Machine has touch-screen feature control for almost all its functions. On the other hands, some Poker Video machines have buttons or even both.

The essence of the button is to enable the player to choose the number of coins they wish to bet at every time they make attempt to play, and again to select the cards which they will want to hold. Importantly, again, there is a button which you can use to instruct the machine to either deal or draw cards.I will not deny you of the knowledge that, some Poker Video machines feature a slot to enable you to insert your Slots Club or Loyalty card. The loyalty card is used by the casino to calculate the numbers of benefits and bonuses that available to premium and loyal players. A standard Poker Video Machine is equipped with coin slots and acceptors. You will find these on the front of the machine and usually located to the right side of the screen of

the machine.Immediately you insert your coins or notes, the numbers of credit available to you are conspicuously displayed on the screen.To conclude the talk on Poker Video machine, it is very important to let you know that, there are varieties of different types of Poker Video machines offered for playing, even with different denominations. Yet some are built to variation due to player’s location. video poker machine strategy In all of your desire to play Poker Video machine, do not leave out the mindset of achieving a Royal Flush. I say this; because that is the best hand you can get as a player as it brings the largest price. Of course, a slightly ambitious strategy of play can bring you an extended playing time when it is backed up with some good sense. Yes, there are three golden rules to this effect and they are; Select a Poker Video Machine Carefully: - you are strongly advised to ensure that you select a machine carefully. The reason for this for the avoidance of hiccups and malfunctioning. Not only this, you are as well encouraged to check the casino environment very carefully. Play Maximum Coin: - this is a general rule of the game, and it is like there are no exceptions to the rule. You must know that the payout of the Royal Flush is different and gives you a major advantage. This means that you are to observe the rule to the letter. Bankroll Management: - you must be wise with your bankroll management so as to generate profit. Of course, the essence of playing is to make a profit. That is all you need to know about Poker Video Machine gaming as far as the casino is concerned.

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